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Users with needs ranging from the operation of governmental air quality monitoring networks, fence-line monitoring at construction sites, or aerosol science researchers at academic institutions, use Met One Instruments, Inc. ambient air quality particulate monitors. These monitors are divided into three classes: Regulatory, Indicative and Black Carbon Speciation.

Our beta attenuation mass monitors “BAMs” measure and report the total mass concentration of ambient particulate matter. BAM measurements are independent of chemical composition and are pre-calibrated at our factory in Grants Pass Oregon to operate anywhere in the world without foreknowledge of the aerosol being sampled. BAMs are most often used in air quality monitoring networks because of their reliable performance and unquestioned accuracy. We also offer a portable BAM that is frequently used for fence-line monitoring and emergency responder applications. We offer the following regulatory-grade PM monitors and samplers:

Our optical aerosol monitors also measure and report the total mass concentration of ambient particulate matter in real time and are often an excellent choice for applications where indicative type measurements are desirable. They provide portable, cost effective monitoring and employ a direct-reading photometric measurement. Optical aerosol monitors may be used for portable air quality (AQ) surveillance applications, HVAC monitoring, indoor monitoring applications, and fugitive dust monitoring applications at construction sites. We offer the following indicative-grade PM Monitors:

Carbon monitors measure the real-time concentration of man-made (anthropogenic) ambient black carbon (soot) arising from combustion activities. Our BC monitors are useful in source apportionment measurements which are used to differentiate BC originating from the combustion of fossil fuels from BC originating from the combustion of biomass. The BC 1054 employs 10 wavelengths ranging from the near-UV to the near-IR and can be employed in climatological studies, air quality surveillance, pollution trending, and source apportionment. The BC 1060 is a portable 2 wavelength BC monitor useful for air quality surveillance, emergency response application, source apportionment determination, roadside monitoring or rapid deployment applications. We offer the following BC monitors: