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NPM 2 Network Particulate Monitor

The NPM 2 sensor is a nephelometer with purge air system which automatically measures real time airborne TSP or PM2.5 particulate concentration levels. Designed for low-profile network applications it can be directly connected to the met One Instruments’ CCS Cloud Data Modem with data reporting to our associated Cloud Data Handling. The NPM 2 can also be directly connected to a data logger or laptop/PC for single source particulate monitoring. The NPM 2 will operate continuously for 24 months under in normal ambient air before recommended service checks.


  • Field Proven Nephelometer w/ Filtered Purge Air System
  • Automatic Humidity Control
  • Weather-proof Enclosure
  • Compact, Low Power
  • 24 Month Service Interval
  • CCS COMET Cloud Compatible
  • Excellent Accuracy & Long-Term Stability
  • Adjustable “K” Factor
  • Low Cost


  • Increasing monitoring site density in Regulatory Networks
  • Health & Safety particulate monitoring
  • Remote Location Monitoring
  • Emergency Response – Rapid Deployment

Specifications are subject to change at any time

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