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Air Plus software includes all of the functions required for the collection, viewing of data, and production of both tabular and graphic reports needed by most users of an air quality or other environmental monitoring system. It is designed for use with the Met One Instruments, Inc. line of data collection products.


  • Data Download: Data collection can be performed automatically based on the requirements of the system. It can be done at a specified averaging interval or on a daily basis. Data can be collected via direct connection, direct radio link or cellular modem.
  • Data History: Air Plus uses a database to save each station’s data. Users can then look at each station’s data history via tables or charts. Users can even compare two channels with one another using the multi-channel tab.
  • Charts/Graphs: Display all your data graphically using charts/graphs. Look at a single channel or compare multiple channels using the multi- channel tab.
  • Wind Rose: Display wind speed and wind directional data graphically using Air Plus’s built in wind rose plot.
  • Notifications: Air Plus allows users to configure 3 different types of notifications: Data Retrieval Failed, New Data Arrival, and Data Conditional notifications. Users can then send these notifications by E-mail, SMS text message, or Twitter. Setup custom messages to send!
  • Reports / Auto Export: Air Plus allows users to generate reports based on a date range selected. Air Plus can automatically export records to a CSV file.
  • Easy Set Up: Air Plus is designed for the user to easily access information within a product without having to know underlying communications protocol for that device. Just connect the device to Air Plus and start downloading data!

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