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Comet Software

Comet software is a utility for extracting information (data, alarms, settings, etc.) from Met One Instruments’ products. The software is designed for the user to easily access information within a product without having to know underlying communications protocol for that device.


  • Data Retrieval: Data records are grouped by the station name and stored in a user defined area. Parameters are downloaded and saved as CSV files.
  • Tabular Data: View data visually using Comet’s built in charts and graphs.
  • Charts/Graphs: For global horizontal & plane of array measurements.
  • Device Settings: Comet allows users to set important settings on most devices. Settings such as Sample Time, Station ID, Units of Measure, and more!
  • Remote Control: With most of our newest products, Comet will allow users to control their devices remotely as if they were there!
  • Terminal: Comet has a built in terminal window that allows users to connect directly with the device. This allows users to issue serial commands or capture data from the device.

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