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Petroleum Refinery Weather Station

The Petroleum Refinery Weather Stations comply with the updated CFR part 63 monitoring requirements at petroleum refineries. The stations are available in a pre-configured package for fast delivery. The basic package is easily customized for local applications or site conditions.

The Refinery Weather Station includes sensors, signal cables. Mounting hardware, 10-meter tower or 3-meter tripod, and a data acquisition system. The system is powered by either AC or DC power. Solar power system options are available. Data can be collected or retrieved locally or remotely using one of our many communication options.


  • EPA CFR 63 compliant
  • Pre-configured for quick delivery
  • 400+ days of hourly data storage
  • Radio, Cellular or Cloud wireless data collection
  • Easily serviceable tower


  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Ambient Temperature in fan aspirated shield
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Relative Humidity (optional)
  • Rain (optional)
  • Solar Radiation (optional)
  • 2 level Delta-T (optional)

Links to EPA petroleum refinery website and updated CFR 63 PDF.

Specifications are subject to change at any time

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