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061 Air Temperature Sensor

Met One Instruments’ Model 061 is designed for general-purpose ambient air temperature measurement. The sensor is a precision, multi-element thermistor device that accurately measures ambient air temperature in field settings. This precise performance is a benefit of the sensors’ high resistance sensitivity, which eliminates problems associated with line lead length, noisy environments, and poor connections.

The solid-state, multi-element thermistor devices produce a relatively large resistance change per degree of temperature change, allowing the use of normal signal voltages without self-heating of the sensor. When used with signal conditioning modules, the resultant output is a precise analog voltage.

The 061 mounts in Met One Instruments’ 076B Motor Aspirated Shield.


  • Rapid response time; 10 seconds in still air
  • Calibration traceable to NIST
  • Interchangeable without recalibration
  • High resistance values to minimize signal line resistance
  • ‘Free air’ suspension of thermistor bead

Specifications are subject to change at any time

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